The “Church of God” is the pillar of truth.

It has become very difficult to sort through the look alike and the real church, for reasons that may be obvious when you consider, the opposition is far from being dumb and his not ignorant concerning the scriptures. —Mat 4:3,6,9; 2Co 11:14; Jas 2:19

No one that dares to fight against the Almighty God can be classified as bright, but his not dumb, because he HAS DECEIVED the WHOLE WORLD —Rev 12:9; Rev 20:3

—Be diligent, with a sincere and pure heart (Deu 11:18; Psa 119:11) in the search for the truth (Act 17:11), and deception will be replaced by it: Luk. 21:8; Pro 16:25; Rom 16:18 —..."by good words and fair speeches deceive..."